A. Sanders Basic Profile Relief Agency:  PWOC

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Relief agency notes:  Update:  Through the generosity of DS&D, Mr. Sanders and his children had a warm and special holiday season.


A Sanders is  a young father with two infants.  He is 24 and his two children are  2 and 3 years old.  He is a certified truck driver and is looking for work.  Currently he is living in a hotel in Newark because he doesn't have the money to purchase items so he can make his new apartment a home for his children.  If you have any questions please contact the relief agency who sponsored this family.

Family Name

Role Family Totals Status

A. Sanders










Single Father

Where did you live?

Where do you live now?

State: Louisiana County: Calcasieu State: New Jersey County: Essex

How long will you live at your new address?  Please explain.

At least a year, maybe longer.

Other Questions

1.  Describe the events that made you leave your previous home?  What happened to your home?  What happened to your neighborhood?

Where we stayed is one of the towns Rita hit hard. I left the day of the storm.  I paid it no attention thinking the storm was coming I was working then my boss and family was panicking so we left.  After the storm we went to the house two huge trees was laying on it half of the roof was messed up inside the house was a tree on my bed and in the kitchen.  All of the neighborhood was messed up bad power lines was down everywhere.

2.  When you left your home, where did you go?  How did you travel?

I left Lake Charles with my two kids to north Louisiana to Ville Platte, LA.  We stayed in a hotel for a week.  I couldn't find a rental car so I got on the bus to Atlanta and a train to Newark, NJ.

3.  What agencies have helped you?  (Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army)  How has that experience been?

FEMA, Red Cross, Salvation Army.  At first FEMA is doing an alright job in Louisiana they process us very fast.  Red Cross was a run around in Louisiana they kept sending us to different cities to sign up, but everyone we went to stop signing people up and so I gave up with it in Louisiana and moved up to New Jersey to start my life over.

4.  How did you arrive at your current home?  Who helped you find your home?

Newark Emergency Services. Mr. Brown.

5.  Did you stay at a shelter or transitional center before you moved into your current home?  If yes, what was that like?

Hotel, I'm still in the hotel until I get things to put in my new apartment.

6.  What has been easy in the transition?  What good experiences have you had?

Finding people who wants to help me, its been hard being a single parent in this situation.

7.  What has been difficult in the transition?

To get my life started back up again.

Other "Optional" Questions

8.  Do you need anything else that someone may be able to help you with?

Furniture, a job driving trucks, I have a class A C.D.L.

9.   Is there anything else you would like to say?

I want to thank everyone for helping me and I hope god will bless you.

10.  Contact: If possible, do you want people to contact you directly?