T. Williams Profile Relief Agency:  PWOC

Registry Values:

Bed Bath & Beyond: $641.77

Sears Value: $485.97

Relief agency notes:  (Update: As of January, Mr. Williams has moved to Texas.  Mr. Williams would like to thank all those who assisted him during his visit to the Garden State, especially the family who sponsored him while he was staying here. ) 


Mr. Williams is now attending Rutgers University and living in an apartment in Newark, NJ.  He is wheelchair bound, was in the first gulf war, and would like to stay at Rutgers until he finishes college.  He was profiled in a recent Star Ledger Article discussing how the New Orleans evacuees are doing in New Jersey.  If you would like to purchase this participants whole registry, please contact the relief agency who posted this profile at 973-351-3770.

Family Name

Role Family Totals Status
T. Williams son to StarvingArtist and single parent






Single Parent

Where did you live?

Where do you live now?

State: LA County: Orleans State: NJ County: Essex

How long will you live at your new address?  Please explain.

At least one year.

Other Questions

1.  Describe the events that made you leave your previous home?  What happened to your home?  What happened to your neighborhood?

The hurricane was expected to make a direct hit on New Orleans, LA.  My home was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Of course I haven't been home, but I heard my whole neighborhood was wiped out.

2.  When you left your home, where did you go?  How did you travel?

When I left my home, we were originally off to Texas, but one of the people we were traveling with got sick, dehydrated, so then we had to stay in a shelter in a town in LA, we traveled by car.

3.  What agencies have helped you?  (Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army)  How has that experience been?

Red Cross, FEMA, The experience has been tedious because it was hard to get in contact with FEMA.

4.  How did you arrive at your current home?  Who helped you find your home?

The lady Miss. Donyea Goodwin helped me find the apt I'm staying at now. I'm handicapped, I ride the lift bus.

5.  Did you stay at a shelter or transitional center before you moved into your current home?  If yes, what was that like?

Yes, the people was nice, but sleeping on the floor was a little rough at times, but I survived.

6.  What has been easy in the transition?  What good experiences have you had?

The people have been extraordinarily nice, I wouldn't say anything has been easy about the transition.

7.  What has been difficult in the transition?

Just being displaced has been difficult, and me being in a wheelchair has been rough at times.

Other Optional Questions

8.  Do you need anything else that someone may be able to help you with?

Winter Coats, winter shoes, boots and long johns

9.  Is there anything else you would like to say?

If you help me, thanks in advance.

10.  Contact: If possible, do you want people to contact you directly?

Yes, 973-651-8888