E. Graham Profile Relief Agency:  PWOC

Registry Values:

Bed Bath & Beyond: $1,488.55

Sears Value: $1310.93

Relief agency notes:  Ms. Graham is now living in Newark NJ with her daughter and niece.  A caring woman who only wishes she could get her child in to high school.  In addition, Ms. Graham has been taking care of her 1 year old niece.  A caring and god fearing woman who is working seven days a week to try and get settled here in the garden state.  As one of the last evacuees through PWOC, we have not been able to provide her with basic needs for her home.  If you would like to purchase this participants whole registry, please contact the relief agency who posted this profile at 973-351-3770.

Family Name

Role Family Totals Status
E. Graham, daughter and niece Mother, daughter and niece







Single Parent

Where did you live?

Where do you live now?

State: MS County: Pearl River State: NJ County: Essex

How long will you live at your new address?  Please explain.

I am planning on living here for years.

Other Questions

1.  Describe the events that made you leave your previous home?  What happened to your home?  What happened to your neighborhood?

Katrina. Trailer still there but destroyed. A tornado hit the area

2.  When you left your home, where did you go?  How did you travel?

I had a van and went to my sisterís home and my daughter drove from NJ to pick us up and brought us to New Jersey to live

3.  What agencies have helped you?  (Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army)  How has that experience been?

Red Cross, FEMA   Need help with FEMA on living/rent expenses and utilities, etc.

4.  How did you arrive at your current home?  Who helped you find your home?

Through PWOC  Donyea H. Goodwin

5.  Did you stay at a shelter or transitional center before you moved into your current home?  If yes, what was that like?

NO!! I live with my daughter and son until I came here to this address.

6.  What has been easy in the transition?  What good experiences have you had?

Nothing! It hasnít been easy! I am still going everyday, seven days a week. I am having a hard time getting my daughter in school, she is a senior.  University HS gave me a hard time with her school records and had my child to take a two (2) hour test. They received her transcripts and they did not contact us so we called them and they said no, she can't attend the school.  But, other than these things, the people here are very nice to us and have helped us a great deal.

7.  What has been difficult in the transition?

We need help with the schools, and to help assist us in getting through all this.

Other Optional Questions

8.  Do you need anything else that someone may be able to help you with?

shoes, winter coats, certain furniture and a job when we finally get settled. A place that will take care of a one year old.

9.  Is there anything else you would like to say?

May god bless and keep you for helping families in need. Thank you.

10.  Contact: If possible, do you want people to contact you directly?

yes     973-368-8728                  egraham504@yahoo.com