C. Williams Basic Profile Relief Agency:  Newark Now

Registry Value:

Walmart: $450

Relief agency notes:  These two children are wonderful kids and working so are  in school and play basketball and have even started playing golf.

Family Name

Role Family Totals Status

C. Williams










Single Mother

Where did you live?

State: NJ  County: Essex

How long will you live at your new address?  Please explain.

Maybe a year or two, not sure right now just playing it by ear, I'm starting to get a little home sick but I don't know if rushing back will be a wise idea.

Other Questions

1.  Describe the events that made you leave your previous home?  What happened to your home?  What happened to your neighborhood?

The fact that Katrina was a category 4 or 5 hurricane, and I had to think about the welfare of my children and also how I didn't want them to experience the nightmare my mother and other members of my family endured in the past with hurricane Betsy. As far as my home we got 9.6 feet of water I'm told by friends that have went back there that it's a mess.  All power lines are down, my back door was kicked open, everything is all over the house. I even have a hole in my roof! 


As Far as the neighborhood, I can only go by what I've been told I'm not an eyewitness because I haven't been back there but from what I was told it's like a ghost town, it stinks, there's allot of mud in the houses, mud in the streets, still no water, no power, etc... .

2.  When you left your home, where did you go?  How did you travel?

My family and I left with friends of ours before Katrina hit.  We were supposed to have shelter with our friends family in Jackson, Miss...but when we pulled up in the 1985 Chevy pickup truck with 7 adults and 5 children the people in Mississippi were like, "nope, ain't gonna happin." 


So we headed off again no where to go no plan and Katrina coming in the next few hours, we tried another place, it was my friends aunt in Tarrytown Miss.  She was a nice lady but not happy about all of us crashing in her house, but she was god fearing, and she took all of us in for 3 days.


But after 2 days we started feeling the vibe and decided to move on the next day.  So where are we going now?  I asked friends Sue & Jerome, (Married Couple), and Jerome told me that we were going to this lady named Ms Rose's house a lady that was a second mom to him, she lives in Baton Rouge, LA. 


But anyway she took us in and was very sweet and genuine. But one thing was bothering me, my sister I didn't know whether she made it out of New Orleans or not, I called Red Cross but she wasn't on the registry so I put myself on the registry so that she could contact me, and she did!!


Three days later she called me from Jackson Miss, and told me she was ok and that she got out of New Orleans in time.  She also told me that a relative of her husbands had an apartment in Jersey City from them.  I didn't think she would make the move, but she did.  The next time I talked to my sister she was in New Jersey and I was dying to see her since the storm, I just wanted to see my sister face to face to hug her, to cry with her, to talk to her. 


So I checked out the resources in Baton Rouge and found out that a catholic church was paying for transportation to reunite families.  And that's how I'm living and breathing in Newark NJ.

3.  What agencies have helped you?  (Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army)  How has that experience been?

Red Cross and FEMA.  It's been positive, Red Cross helped us allot, because if it hadn't been for them putting my family up in the Robert Treat Hotel, I don't know where we would have been.

4.  How did you arrive at your current home?  Who helped you find your home?

Well it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time and meeting the right people.  Donyea Goodwin help my family and I find a place we can call home and not just any place, a nice place, a safe place, and I thank god ever day for putting her in my life. 


Because she's only one woman that has done things for my family as well as my sisters family, things whole organizations couldn't do, SHE DID IT!!!

5.  Did you stay at a shelter or transitional center before you moved into your current home?  If yes, what was that like?

Explained above in question 2

6.  What has been easy in the transition?  What good experiences have you had?

Nothing has been easy in the transition, but in life nothing is easy, but you live and learn for it, no pain no gain! 


I've had great experiences and have met great people, "real" people some people have made empty promises and some have followed through with everything, but all good people.

7.  What has been difficult in the transition?

The fact that I can't go home right now, the fact that my children has to make new friends because theirs all scattered everywhere.  The fact that my husband had to leave his parents in Baton Rouge to back me with what I wanted to do.  The fact that my aunts, cousins, co. workers are scattered.  It's alot....

Other "Optional" Questions

8.  Do you need anything else that someone may be able to help you with?

Furniture, but not major things, just accent pieces, minor things to make the major thinks look nice.

Warm clothes would be fine as well.

9.   Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes, God Bless you all for caring so much about everyone affected by Katrina & Rita and other disasters, and know that your concern and love is appreciated by all the families along the gulf coast and every where in the world.    God Bless You All

10.  Contact: If possible, do you want people to contact you directly?

Not at this time